facebook, ebay and polyester knickers

I am sat here, having finally managed to get Cath set up on wordpress, watching her type her “about me” blog. The TV is off. The room is quiet. Deep concentration ensues, followed by the odd giggle and a look in my direction. “What?!” I ask. “Is it OK to talk about farmville on Facebook, items on Ebay and debate the number of “p’s” in polyester knickers?!”

“Yes hun,” I answer. “You can talk about anything you want.”

Cue another giggle.

She is now set up, still in her nest, cheeping away as she learns her way around the site. She is guaranteed to make you smile on a not-quite-so-guaranteed daily basis! (for being online, I mean – NOT because she is half Sicilian and therefore it is compulsory for her to keep a straight face most of the time!)

Cath would like everyone to realize that she has a very Victorian style of writing (long sentences, and long explanations for points which could be paraphrased). She does however, draw the line in painting her rooms dark red and mourning for more than five years!

SO I have introduced Catherine: cathmoran73 to the wonderful world of wordpress. I am sure she will receive as warm a welcome as I did 🙂


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