The oddity of cats!

Image I have always had cats. As a child, I would whisper my secrets to Bridie. She kept all my secrets. Being a stereotypical female cat, she was fairly allusive, but if I needed her she would somehow turn up. She would sit by me and keep me company. Her warm body calming or healing me. Sooty was the same. A healer. He would know when he was needed. He really was the funniest, soppiest cat.


Now I am older. I have my own house. I have three cats. Charlie (pictured above), is our baby. We also have Tigger and Heidi. Since having my own cats, I have observed them closely. The boys often stare in the same direction at, well, nothing in particular. I have tried to break their vision by moving my face in front of theirs. They just look around me and continue to stare at the “nothing.”

Image Tigger (pictured here), is the most sensitive to people’s emotions. We got him for free from freecycle: a recycling website which ordinarily deals in furniture. Tigger was unloved, living in filth and very nervy. He is still scared of loud noises and plastic bags. And yet, If somebody is poorly, tigger is there. If somebody is upset, Tigger is there. He sits as close as he can to you and settles down. He is soporific and calming.


ImageHeidi is another rescue baby. She was found in a laundrette with kittens, curled up amongst the washing. Now, if you can’t find her, she is likely to be found in amongst the ironing, under blankets or balancing on the washing line ready to swipe any fingers which try to remove pegs! Heidi is, as Bridie was, allusive. She spends most of her time outside and yet, if Abi is poorly, Heidi is there. Heidi is extremely reactive to the emotions of children, in particular.


I can understand why most literature portrays witches as having cats. I can understand why stories about cats usually contain magic of a sort. They truly are magical. They see things most people cannot, they alert us to movements we otherwise would not have known about. They heal and calm and just know when to be close to us.


As I type this, I have Charlie sat next to me, Tigger is stepping through puddles outside in a way which makes him look like he is wearing high heels, and Heidi is on the trampoline, though due to the weather, she is not jumping! (She does! Honest!) 

Has anyone else experienced the oddity of cats?! I am sure any cat owner would have tales to tell!



2 thoughts on “The oddity of cats!

  1. Ninay says:

    I am also a cat lover here and basically grew up having one in our family. Two already died and now as I am an adult and capable of taking care of my own, I’ve become to understand them more clearly. Love this post!

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