Don’t eat the cucumber! It’s for your eyes!!!

ImageIt only seems like yesterday since Abi was in babygrows, eating books (well, pages!), waking us at 0430 (yes! really!) every day and drinking from a bottle! The days of mid morning or car journey naps have gone. The mushed banana splattered shirts we wore are gone. The adoration for Iggle Piggle has gone and “eat all your dinner and there will be a party in your tummy! Can we hear the party? (ear to tummy) yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! (there follows the cha cha song!) works no longer!

Abigail is now eight. I hear my mother now when I speak: “Don’t try to grow up too quickly!” Abi has moved on from nursery rhymes and general songs from the charts. She now loves Olly Murs and Little Mix and is totally bought by merchandising. Abi wants the latest this, that and the other. Her days are filled with music and games. Similar to when she was little, but the music and games have changed. Hungry Hippos has been replaced by Mario Karts

Abi has strong ethics and standards and understands the need to work for what she wants – if it is something expensive then she earns money by doing jobs or having little clear outs and taking her old things to sell at carboot sales.

I do find it exciting watching her grow and mature but that excitement is tinged with sadness. I always wished for her to hurry up: I couldn’t wait for her to say my name, to be potty trained, to drink out of cups, to eat with a knife and fork, to eat vegetables, to be able to read and write. I no longer wish for her to do anything.

We must live in the now because now doesn’t last for very long! (See when I wrote “now,” that now has gone!)

I know some days are hard and sometimes we just need to clean something or sit back with a cup of tea a kitkat and several biscuits (O.k, that may have been a little extravagant!), but when the energy is there, make the most of it! Below are lists of things we have done. I hope when Abi is older that she will look back on these times with fondness and know that her Mum ans Stepmum did their very best 🙂

Bake! Make mess – cover the kids, yourselves and the kitchen in flour.

Enjoy the rain! Splash in puddles, jump in mud! Have mud fights and see who can get the muckiest!

Have a bonfire! Gather wood, climb trees, make it into a nature walk.

Get arty, glue, glitter, feathers, anything!

Give each other make overs or face masks! I have numerous pictures of the “art” work on my face once Abi had finished!

Jump waves, make sandcastles and look for shells.

The list is potentially endless but completely magical! Kids have a wonderful way of bringing out the inner child in us and be honest – would you really have done this on your own? Would you have gone out in the rain and jumped in puddles giggling loudly? Embrace children before the inhibitions adulthood brings take over!


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